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Aneurisma Summer Festival

The third annual edition of the Aneurisma Summer Festival took place on the past 28th of June, which was organized by Aneurisma Records and carried out in the extraordinary setting that is Cabo de Gata, specifically in the Chamán de los Escullos Hall. The festival included a good presentation of the contemporary musical scene of Almeria and its surroundings, 8 nonstop hours of high-quality music, as well as diversity.

Baay Faal Percussion made everyone dance with their drums and also made the intervals of waiting for the next band a lot lighter.

Monte Terror were the ones in charge of opening the show presenting their self-titled EP with a sound midway between noisy and psychedelic, and endless lines which flowed into an explosion of melodic riffs and a shy voice, thus warming up the audience.

Right after them, Ice Cream appeared on the scene playing their own songs and covers. The members of the band filled up the stage with energy, mixing rock, a stoner sound and powerful riffs, with a charismatic singer that occasionally reminded of Lenny from Mötorhead.

Proyecto Solaz got up on stage close to midnight. The band from Almeria accomplished the goal of making the audience enjoy despite the little technical difficulties they experienced at the beginning. The members of the band, who have a long trajectory, have achieved their own personal style widening their sound horizons.

The time also came for Tyrano Banderas and their rock with touches of blues which allows to catch sight of their roots, with a string section that leads to the desert, mixing it with perfectly harmonized latino rhythms that didn’t cease to surprise those who, there and then, were discovering it.

It was almost two in the morning when the night reached its critical peak and The dry mouths trod the boards. They gave a lesson on how to turn grunge up a notch and fuse it together with stoner. It became noticeable how much experience they have with a performance packed with intensity, force, and aptitude.

The night went on and Copa Turbo stood out because of their originality with their mixture of funk, electronic, disco and psychedelic pop.

The task of closing the III Aneurisma Festival was in the hands of Ortofálico Chisme who presented their last work Corruptilianos. Lagartos y revelaciones. Their show began: they appeared on stage with ski masks and an apocalyptic message. With a sound of their own and, as is their habit, a great display of effects, no one could remain indifferent to them.

The night did not end there though, because for the bravest attendees (at about five in the morning) Torreillinoise (Dj set) had a wild one prepared.

It has been confirmed that Rock enjoys good health in Almeria, and now there’s only one thing left to do: waiting for the next Aneurisma Festival.


Translation by Irene Soto.