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Andy K Leland presents new video for 'Mr. Panic'

Mr Panic' is the second single off my debut EP 'Happy Daze', released on September 18th via Mattonella Records. The video was directed by illustrator, painter and musician Massimo Scoponi aka Scoposki.

A sense of lull at the heart of nature is what Happy Daze, the Andy K Leland’s debut EP, initially conveys. Under this alter ego, Andrea Marcellini takes a deep breath and carries out a credible, wholehearted meditation exercise.

Marcellini, My Cruel Goro outfit’s ex-bassist and main songwriter, shifts tone, abandons forcefulness and distortion to portray himself as a songwriter in an artisan, minimalist work. With a personal, intimate style, he embraces solo acoustic folk packed with lovely tunes in simple guitar arrangements and touching whispering vocals.