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And Bueno's ‘Perros, Santos y Refranes’ came South

He has crossed half of Spain and from his native Asturias he has arrived in the South to showcase his last work ‘Perros, Santos y Refranes’. In one of his layovers, Bueno stopped by Granada and proved that, for this 'pop-singer from hell' (as he defines himself), kilometers are no problem when you do what you love. He came without a band and accompanied only by his guitar and in two dates he went through his best songs.

With his curious way of selling a record, one in which you pay what you think it's worth, he first performed at Discos Bora-Bora, where he created an intimate atmosphere and played songs from his previous work such as Canción minúscula, leaving until last more recent ones like Maratón y Amplifícalo. He even advanced some songs which will soon be in his next LP.

That's the thing with acoustic performances... the intimacy created when listening to the voice and the guitar makes it unimportant whether there are many or little people, because actually it is as if the singer was singing directly to you. And that's what happened.


At Playmobil, Bueno (or Javier Vallina) started off with Cintas de Cromo, a song of strong lyrics which was followed by Perros, Santos y Refranes, which gives the record its name and which sounded close and full of complicity. Vallina intertwined songs from the previous record ‘9 canciones minúsculas, un huracán y un millón de lunares’, as was the case with Paila– which is how the backseat of vans are called in Latin America- and which inspired the song, with songs from the new one. All of them stories of daily matters, love matters, life matters which appear in the entangled lyrics of the singer, who followed with songs such as El buen Fakir, the curious Respira con Normalidad which talks about how difficult it is to keep calm in a plane when things go wrong or the beatiful Canción Minúscula.

During his concert, Bueno made a reflection on the 'fucked up' relationship that we have with music nowadays: “Really, it's like personal relationships... and music also suffers for love”. His words were the example that shows the effort and passion which musicians have for their job and which sometimes, rewarded or not, is worth it anyhow.


Aside from the official repertoire, in Granada he gifted us with two new songs, Las palabras and Vapor y electricidad, which clearly have Bueno's signature, to end with songs which gave the show more rhythm like Periódicos or Maratón, one of those songs meant for two which sneak in through your feet and are likeable from the beginning –winner, moreover, of the AMAS award to the best song-.

He didn't leave behind Piel de Camaleón, Arena y Fieras and his catchy Amplifícalo, perhaps sending the message that yes, his music, his lyrics and his presence deserve to be amplified in order to be listened to. Bueno is on tour. Seize the occasion.