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Alma de soul

The Bikini venue in Barcelona seemed to have become small to welcome Vintage Trouble’s soul from California with the purest style of James Brown or The Black Keys. The band, run by Ty Taylor, has earned an important amount of loyal followers in America, as well as in Europe over the course of just five years and two albums. A show that is part of their European tour which has taken them to Spain for their first time, to cities such as Santiago de Compostela, Madrid, Soria, San Sebastián and finally, Barcelona.

The tour has served to present their new album The Bomb Shelter Sessions, where there is abundant rhythm & blues, rock blues and soul. With a frenetic live performance, it is impossible not to surrender on your knees, to Vintage Trouble. Ty Taylor gathered the energy of the audience and their good vibe to transmit it from the stage where, over the two-hour show, he did not stop dancing and connecting with the people, showing his own personality through his music as much as through his staging, which includes his original and elegant attires.

They opened the concert with High Times (They Are Coming), and throughout the whole night the band’s frontman didn’t stop asking for more partying to play songs as Blues Hand Me Down, to which he gave his throat. Recovering his breath with calmer songs like Another Man's Words or Nobody Told Me, but without missing a trick and carrying on to give his all with some more of his many hits from his latest album, like Run Like The River where he let himself fall, with his arms open in the shape of a cross, into the crowd in the first rows, which welcomed him enthusiastically; and he danced among the attendees, he even danced on top of the counter focusing his attention mainly on the girls right in front of him who were totally devoted to his sexiest moves.

A band that has brought fresh air into a style which has always been there but which was already crying out for someone to bring it back into everyone’s sight. Vintage Trouble transmits the sexuality, the energy, and the good mood the genre needs; with his models, but still shining in his own personality.

Vintage Trouble is: Ty Taylor (vocals), Nalle Colt (guitar), Rick Barrio Dill (bass) and Richard Danielson (drums).

Translation by Irene Soto.