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Albert Hammond and the loyalty to The Strokes

Summer festivals is an exam for the bands. It is like suddenly and obviusly without the jitters of the first time, the most important bands were being part of a competition in unexpected edition of the Benidorm International Song Festival. And as they don't know it (or don't care in the case they knew) they don't pass the first round.

That is what happened to this jury member without right to vote at Hyde ParK London Summer Time Festival some weeks ago. There I went, pretty sure about Beck would not let me down, not knowing that I would fall in love with Future Island and fearful about the well known sloth that is lately joining The Strokes, main band of the evening that pulled a fans army with a observable merchandising which explains the band survival, specially as source for their incomes and the crew behind them.

Strokes stuff are very simple, a musician called Albert Hammond comes out the stage following by four officers from the Music Council that sing in when they arrive the gig, work their hours and sign out when they get off the stage, which I think they everytime consider more like an office. How happy they could be at their mansions, living from the royalties and watching X-Factor on TV. That is the band included the inexplicably charismatic Julian Casablancas.

A part of that is Albert Hammond, from who if we can say anything for sure that is he is a fucking good mate. Because even making a better music and live shows (and cash) as solo artist than with The Strokes, Albert "good mate" Hammond still having the kind gesture of meet their all live friends and make their carreers up.


And there you are, judging the view.  You after watching Beck keep himself on top during twenty inspired years and Future Island proving not everything is invented yet. And you fell embarrased for  "good mate" Hammond who stars the gig with the enthusiasm of an outcast high school teacher gives his first class. After three songs, like the teacher for the students absenteeism, the reluctanse around him makes him serious and just look somtimes the hurry to finish meanwhile stare down the pedals mostly of the time. And finally, he finishes the concert giving guitar blows in chords full of rage everytime he can not escape from to do exactly the same that is recorded in the albums because he knows nobody is following him. Like the teacher imposes punishmentes to the selfless students. This guys are able to use playback if someday Hammond quites. To work less for getting paid the same is something everyone whishes, I guess.

Good Albert doesn't say a shit, he has what we could call "good people genes" and The Strokes is his band. His school times friends and we all know that one doesn't leave his friends around. Like his father, who after all he did and got along his life, still picking the phone up when María Teresa Campos called him for an appearing on Qué tiempo tan feliz. But Hammond is a musician and for much he is a good friend everything he doesn't say with words is said with his guitar, in bangs of caged rock that can not break the bars and it you only can listen it roaring  sometimes. Go, see and be the jury yourselves with the right your ticket gives you.