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A gift in the form of a song

When the wind blows in your favor, everything is easier. But on Poplacara, we have learned to control the vane by working hard and now we can celebrate our 30th anniversary. Yes, 30 years!

Our grand year will be full of activities, events and concerts. In fact, the first date will be this next Thursday 30th at the cultural cafe La Mercería (Address: Regina 10, Sevilla), captained by the French musician Alexandre Lacaze. This atypical singer-songwriter who escapes tags brings us Les recifs de l’espoir (The reefs of hope).

And thus, carrying on with the maritime analogy, we will enjoy an intimate soiree, of melodic breezes, which only Lacaze is capable of transmitting with the sweetness of his songs. A gift he will present by himself and unplugged.

A work which is characterized by its extraordinary beauty in each one of its chords and whose message is no other than the tale of the vital journey; the hard voyage that is life.

Don't let this chance go by, because the ship will set sail without you.

Translation by Irene Soto.