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A gentleman named Xoel López

A Xoel López show is like a chit-chat. One of those pleasant chats in which you have a beer and catch up with an old friend. Xoel is like that... a musician who proves with one stroke of the pen that with his lyrics, his voice and his closeness, he is capable of making a whole room surrender to him, and having to do not one, not two, but even three and four encores.

The fact that Granada loves this Galician is not a mystery and he knows it. With his last concert as part of the season Caleidoscopio of the BoogaClub, it was the third time he came down to the city with his album Atlántico and, although he wasn't able to fill up the venue, he did not lack the support. For the purpose of updating his followers, he started off with his Buenos Aires (querido). In the first part of the performance, his guitar in his hand, he reminisced his last years in Latin America with, for example, Por el Viejo Barrio, Desafinando Amor (Argentinean version), without forgetting about more vital songs like Caballero or Joven Poeta.

When a few here and there were already much more settled and about to ask for their second beer, Xoel surprised us for the first time. " I live locked in a hole, that's why my hair is longer and that stuff..." His sentence was nothing more than the preview for one of the songs from what will be his next creative work: Patagonia, a song which he said we should listen to "not with many demands since we were the first ones." Nonsense, because being demanding or not, people liked the song –very much Xoel trademark– and it let us catch a glimpse of his work, which we already await with enthusiasm.

And even though to let us know about his last years he sang Atlántico, the musician didn't forget about his time with Deluxe or about some essentials like Reconstrucción, Perlas ensangrentadas or the exquisite Vino y espejos. It was then when the second surprise of the night took place, the cover that López did of the Canción del Jinete by Paco Ibáñez and witth lyrics by Federico García Lorca. A wink to the land of the poet from Granada for which the audience thanked him with a loud and loving applause.

By then Xoel and his audience were practically one, and when already everyone thought the end was near, the songwriter pulled out the third ace from up his sleeve and delighted his public with an unexpected cover of The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel, with which he gave way to Tierra and to the great (first) farewell.

I say first because the almost hour and a half Xoel López had been onstage didn't seem to be enough for an audience who did not allow him to say goodbye for good, and who demanded him non-stop to continue to tell them stories such as Gigante or Hombre de ninguna parte. Xoel came back to do so, just as he did with De tierra y arena mojada  and with the jewel Amor Valiente, with which he now did conclude (after several attempts) a date which, like any date one has with a knight of music, turned out to be simply, perfect.

Translation: Irene Soto.