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For the purposes of the Organic Law 15/1999, from December 13th, concerning the Personal Data Protection act, the cultural association Poplacara (Title holder of Poplacara) informs you it entirely obeys the legislation currently in force on the subject of the protection of data with personal character and with the commitments of confidentiality characteristic of its activity.

Asociación Cultural Poplacara brings to your attention the existence of an automatic file for data with personal character, ownership of Asociación Cultural Poplacara, with the purpose of making the products public to the user, as well as the commercialization of the services provided and the activities related to these services.

Security measures and levels

Asociación Cultural Poplacara has adopted the necessary measures to maintain the required security level, according to the nature of the addressed personal data and the circumstances of the process, with the goal of avoiding, to the extent possible and always in accordance with the state of the technique, the alteration of these data, their loss, unauthorized processing or access to it.

Area of implementation

The structure of the files, teams and information systems, with the goal of obeying the legislation currently in force on the subject of data protection, will be applied to all the files, temporary or permanent, ownership of the Asociación Cultural Poplacara, which contain any personal data, just as to any type of equipment or system of information that processes these data.

All of the personnel hired or linked to the cultural association Poplacara and its managers of processing, are obliged to follow the aforementioned regulations, paying special attention to everything related to their functions and obligations, which will be duly determined by the Asociación Cultural Poplacara.

Data collection

The acceptance of the present conditions requires the user the collection of certain essential data for the providing of its services, data which will be requested personally through forms or the website.

In order for the information contained in our files to be constantly up to date and not to contain mistakes, we ask our contributors and users to notify us, as soon as possible, of any modifications and rectifications in his personal data.

Exercising of rights

The rights to access, modification, cancellation and opposition can be exercised by the user, or whoever this may represent, by means of a written and signed request form addressed to the Asociación Cultural Poplacara, Faustino Álvarez, 37 Bajo Derecha, 41002-Sevilla, España. Nevertheless, other means could be used which will allow the recognition of the identity of the user to exercise any of the above-mentioned rights.


The users will give their consent to the Asociación Cultural Poplacara to use their personal data in order to provide a correct wish of collaboration offered, as well as being able to receive information about all of the products and services which the Asociación Cultural Poplacara may offer in the future.

The filling out of the form included in the website or the sending of electronic mail or other communication with Asociación Cultural Poplacara involves the express consent of the users for the inclusion of their personal data in the aforementioned automatic file, ownership of the Asociación Cultural Poplacara.

Cession to third parties

Asociación Cultural Poplacara will not cede personal data without the express consent on the part of their owners, which must be granted on each occasion, being ceded only with the expressed purpose and always with the consent of the user.

Confidentiality and secrecy

The data collected in every private communication between the Asociación Cultural Poplacara and the users will be addressed with absolute confidentiality, being the Asociación Cultural Poplacara committed to its duty to secrecy regarding data with personal character, to its duty to keep them and adopt every necessary measure in order to avoid the alteration of these data, their loss, unauthorized processing or access to it, in accordance to what the Regulation of Security Measures of Computerised Files establishes with regard to data with personal character. Furthermore, any sort of information the parties interchange will also have the condition of confidential, that information which the parties agree is of such nature, or that simply deals with the content of such information. The display of data on the Internet will not mean direct access to these data, except for the express consent of the owner for each occasion. We recommend the users not to provide their identification, password or any reference numbers whch Asociación Cultural Poplacara could give them, to third parties. Likewise, in order to guarantee that the protection of secrecy between Asociación Cultural Poplacara and the user is preserved in every communication, the user must not reveal confidential information to third parties.

Changes in the privacy law and the data protection act

Asociación Cultural Poplacara reserves the right to modify its security and data protection policy with the goal of adjusting it to the new legislation or jurisprudence, as well as the ones which could derive from a similar code on the subject, or from strategic corporative decisions, for the purposes of the publication date of such modification on the website.

Contact address

The websites, and are managed by Institute of Music and Knowledge (IMK).

The file created is located at the registered office, which is established for the purposes of the present legal warning, Asociación Cultural Poplacara, Faustino Álvarez, 37 Bajo Derecha, 41002-Sevilla, España, with NIF: G90175290, under the supervision and control of Asociación Cultural Poplacara who assumes responsibility for the adoption of security measures of a technical and organizational sort in order to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information, in accordance with what the Organic Law 15/1999, from December 13th, concerning the Personal Data Protection act establishes, and with the rest of the applicable legislation.

Asociación Cultural Poplacara according to the 34/2002 Law, concerning the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act, informs you that the ample meaning of the aforementioned law encompasses the supply of information by these means among such services. In any case, the Organic Law 15/1999, from December 13th, concerning the Personal Data Protection act, will be applied in this regard, and its development regulations, especially, in respect of personal data collection, information for the applicants and the creation and maintenance of files containing personal data.