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Walter Lure & The Waldos

Walter Lure announces new album with The Waldos

Recently signed to Cleopatra Records, Walter Lure &The Waldo shave announced their new album WackaLacka Boom Bop A Loom Bam Boo. This is the first new album in 24 years from legendary guitarist-vocalist Walter Lure, an original member of The Heartbreakers, who spearheaded the first wave of punk rock.

Ahead of this album release, the band is teasing the lead track CrazyKids, that will also be featured in the forthcoming full-length film Thunders: Room 37, which dramatizes the final days of Lure’s former bandmate Johnny Thunders.Their new full-length also features other new tunes such as Damn Your Soul, as well as killer new versions of Heartbreakers classics LondonBoys and Take A Chance On Me.

Today Walter Lure &TheWaldos is made up of Walter Lure (guitar and vocals), TakanoriIchiuji (bass and vocals), TakNakai a.k.a. Takto (guitar and vocals), and Joe Rizzo (drums and vocals).

Lure also worked with The Ramones on their albums SubterraneanJungle (1983), TooToughToDie (1984) and AnimalBoy (1986), released a single with The Blessed, and also started a number of bands, including The Hurricanes and The Heroes, before ultimately founding The Waldos.  In 1997, Walter Lure also played a set of shows for the 40th anniversary of The Heartbreakers L.A.M.F. album, joined by Blondie's Clem Burke, Sex Pistols’ bassist Glen Matlock and Social Distortion’s Mike Ness.

On August 17, WackaLacka Boom Bop A Loom Bam Boo will be available from digital music stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify, but it is already available for pre-order via Bandcamp, where it is also available on both CD and red vinyl with reverse-board jackets.