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Vera y las Bóvedas

The imminent band from Tucumán with an indie influence

The city San Miguel de Tucumán was the one that saw the birth of a band called Vera y las Bóvedas last year. This group, in whose melodies we can find a fantastic mix of pop rock and alternative indie music, is mainly formed by Paulo Vera and José Villafañe. These two are accompanied by Marcelo Piñero on the drums, Mariano Sansierra on the keyboard, Agustín González on the guitar and backing vocals, and Cristóbal Cadierno on the bass guitar.

Despite being a completely new band in their country of origin, given that it's barely been a year since their creation, this group is increasingly more and more present in festivals of the Argentinian national music scene and, slowly, they're filling small music halls where they perform their most recent songs live.

Vera y las Bóvedas, name of their first EP which they dropped at the beginning of March 2018, consists of six songs and experiments with a new echo which mixes pop and folk music, accompanied by whispers of melancholic guitars which transmit peace and good vibes when you listen to them. You can listen to them now on digital platforms. This group, who is taking its first little steps, predicts a good musical future. The band from Tucumán wants to make themselves known and to be unique for their personal touches regarding their sound. One way or another, they try different melodies to be as unique as possible in the Argentinian music industry, as well as to draw a new and bigger audience.

Last December they dropped a new EP called II, composed, produced, mixed and recorded entirely by Paulo Vera and José Villafañe. The seven songs which make up the album were written by band member Paulo Vera. This same EP was recorded between May and August of 2018. In barely four months the group dropped their last project. The Argentinian band teased a few singles on their social networks before the actual release of their EP. These songs were: Somos de Oro, Un Movimiento and l'alimentation générale (demo version of La Alimentación General).

Vera y las Bóvedas' last EP was finally released on the 11th of December on digital platforms such as Spotify or YouTube. 20 minutes' worth of excellent music to listen to on repeat.