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The Swagger

Q1: First of all, why 'The Swagger'? Is there a story behind the name of the band?

A: When we first started out back in early March 2011 we were called The Mad Hatters UK and was originally a duo act playing local bars and decided to form a band when we found our bassist/drummer. We put an ad/message out to the public on Facebook and my cousin from Edinburgh, Scotland came up with the name 'The Swagger' as this name stood out of around 100+ suggested band names from the public and that's how we decided on our band name.

Q2: What do you think has been the real evolution of The Swagger since 2011?

A: Recording in the famous Konk studios owned by Ray Davies of The Kinks was a great experience which shaped our sound going forward and working with some top producers along the way and releasing our debut EP and 2 great singles which has been well rec As i still think we have a lot to achieve as a band as the future is looking very bright.

Q3: Is there a personal meaning in the song 'Chin Up Boy'?

A: I would say the single has a positive message to someone who is down on their luck who is going through the trials of life. The song itself is probably about what i was going through growing up as a kid and having to overcome it so i would say this song is quite personal to me and to others going through bad times which to where there is hope that someday your life will change for the better.


Q4: Something that really catchs my attention is the fact that Lee and Paul are brothers. Is it difficult to work with a relative?

A: It can be very difficult at times yes but we somehow overcome it as we have been known for a few tear ups in the past and have been compared to the Gallagher Brothers from Oasis lol.

Q5: How would you describe the experience of touring the West Coast of America? Have you considered going to other countries?

A: We had an amazing experience on our very first tour travelling around and touring Las Vegas, LA, Long Beach, San Diego & Oceanside California as we do plan to tour Europe in 2020 and many more countries around the globe if giving the opportunity.

Q6: How do you see yourselves in ten years?

A: Well hopefully playing big festivals, touring the world and releasing lots of successful albums/singles.