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Paul Den Heyer

Paul Den Heyer presents debut album Everything So Far

Liverpool-based indie pop artist Paul Den Heyer has announced his forthcoming debut album Everything So Far, slated for release on May 17th via A Turntable Friend Records. Ahead of that, he presents the lead track Technicolor Summer Sunshine.

Den Heyer is perhaps best known as frontman of 90s Liverpool band Fishmonkeyman, who produced the indie-hit If I've Told You Once, signed on with Warners and Virgin Music, and kept up active appearances on TV, radio and on the road.

More recently known as producer for Sunstack Jones and member of The Red Sided Garter Snakes with former members of The Chameleons, Bauer, Puressence and Inspiral Carpets, Everything So Far is his first solo release, made with the help of good friends and recorded during a summertime spent on the Wirral peninsula.

Paul Den Heyer creates moody acoustic landscapes and melodic miniatures with fantastic harmonies and a rich set of instrumentation with hints of Mojave 3, Neil Halstead of Slowdive and Mazzy Star. Even The Byrds shine through.

He describes his musical style as “Britanicana”. Indeed, his music blends British folk songwriting with 60s/70s American psych-pop, drawing on Influences from Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, John Martyn and Richard Thompson with a tip of the hat to Neil Young and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Den Heyer notes that his shoe-gazing 90s background also peeps through in his simple production.

As of May 17th, Everything So Far will be released on digital platforms. It will be available as a limited 9-track CD in gatefold, and also on limited run vinyl in your choice of black or milky-white (exclusive to Bandcamp, Limited Run and Rough Trade orders). Both options come with a download code, while vinyl orders also come with a lyrics sheet.