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Brim Liski

Brim Liski’s Duels, a gazey blend of electro, goth and future pop

Denver-based Brim Liski has announced their new Duels EP. Comprised of four tracks, it is set to release on March 22nd. Ahead of that release, they are previewing the lead track A Different View, a song about “the challenge of acceptance new unexplored territories in our lives, making big changes, accepting things aren’t working and moving on”.

Today Brim Liski is a duo comprised of experimental multi-versed digital artist Cacheflowe (aka Justin Gitlin) and Ryan Policky, who is vocalist and producer for renowned prog-gazers A Shoreline Dream.

It has been seven years since their latest album, their previous one being The Repetitions album in 2012. They released their eponymous Brim Liski album in 2009.

Brim Liski presents a blend of electro, goth and future pop that is slightly gazey. This is a mixture of the diverse sounds both artists bring to the table, becoming something a bit different than the typical electroclash that is currently out there.

Their music is inspired by epic sounds you might imagine occurring in the cosmos. This is dark, limitless night music perfect for driving down an endless moon drenched highway.

Brim Liski's videos feel more like a blurred out dream being torn apart by technology. Their unique and dramatic live shows blend the art of dynamic installations and vivid colors.

Duels will be available via online stores and streaming platforms on March 22, but it can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.