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Vol Menor

Vol Menor is the project by singer-songwriter from Calonge (Girona), Carles Cuxart. It was in 2011 when, for the first time, he went up on a stage and now we already have his third album in our hands, Petit Altaveu de Queixes. An album with a mature edition both at the level of musical technique and at the level of design. The triangle formed by Carles Cuxart with his songs, Roger Gascón as a producer (Studio Birdwithvertigo) and Maite Martínez with her drawings has resulted in an album which, although keeping that naïf touch that has always characterized Vol Menor, you can sense a great maturity with regard to his music as well as with regard to the lyrics of every song. Many of them are very critical just as their names imply. This little ambition to be this speaker of complaints which deals with the current moment we are living as well as with love, friendship, or past times.

Petit Altaveu de Queixes is made of 18 songs. Vol Menor has always been characterized by being very prolific with respect to songwriting.

In the album, even though it was edited as a CD, he wanted to bring back that idea about the A and B sides of the now legendary cassettes which some of us still remember with romanticism, although he has given us a double one because we can find a C and a D side as well. A way to differentiate the various styles in the album, a more energetic and rhythmical pop-folk to begin with; a more acoustic and relaxed ambient in the B side; even a dark and also casual note in the sides C and D , respectively.

In each block of songs we find different themes, always from Cuxart's particular point of view; friendship (Que passes dels records), love (Junts) and family (Teo o Cordons), social criticism (Cuina'm la por mig crua), extraterrestrial conspiracies (Extraterrestre) or the memory of those crazy nights (Les discoteques ja estan tancades). It should also be noted the handcrafted edition of the album with the scrap technique, which delivers even more personality to the project.

An album full of surprises in terms of its production because of the "magic" proclaimed to the world by Carles about Roger Gascón when it comes to producing, as well as in terms of guest artists (Instant with singer-songwriterNamina) and, obviously, in each of the songs which make up this album, where he proves a constant evolution, characteristic of the artist ever since he started out. A musician who, even though belonging now to the group of "the invisible", as he refers to himself, with albums like this one is inevitably and self-evidently making himself visible in the Catalonian music scene. And so it is made clear by the participation of more than 50 patrons in verkami which has allowed him to edit this little jewel that is Petit Altaveu de Queixes.