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Long live the siesta!

“Every sold record gives me enough to have a sardine skewer, that’s all for the moment. Figs, almonds, honey and sweet wine.Maybe search a lifeboat” (Chinarro).
Death to haste and long live good music. Since the dawn of their adventure in 2006, the very pleasant pan-Andalucism of the Grupo de expertossolynieve stays faithful to their project’s style devoid of chains, passionate and devoted maximally to the single effort of making songs for friends, which, first of all, entertain the musicians themselves. And if they end up being liked by the rest of the world, perfect. And they do like them. Work for those moments of universal disconnection so necessary and legitimate.


“You immediately notice that they are six friends capable of mixing – like someone who doesn’t want to – the air of Californian rock with vibrant and ?local essences” (J.C. Peña). Their rhythms cradle you sweetly. A single more than just complete, masterly, headed by the adherent and hymnal Fandango de la libertad, which doesn’t forget to play other strings(?), ranch impulses for Añonuevo and choice references to the Doors in Sahariana.

According to their creators themselves, it is a “southern plea that is trying to unite the Mediterranean with California in an amalgam that mixes flamenco, country, folk, rock and southern flavours. Sudden short encounters with great intensity of the kind that appear in our songs”. And they go on tellingly, “sometimes, in an EP fits much more than in an LP. Much more than two words whose sonorities we love and that evoke our sound and discourse, Colinas Bermejas is a place in Granada that serves as a metaphor. We have to be born in Granada in our following two or three lives to play what we are playing”.


Here we don’t have to complicate things unnecessarily. Leave your mobile where it is, forget about the various internets and social networks, press play and enjoy. Another treasure of these beautiful melancholy Lorcan worlds. J. Manu Ferrón and his like keep consolidating like experts in the art of taking the guitar, pen and paper and letting themselves be carried away. Congratulations, thank you and long live the good, healthy and necessary customs.