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It has been a while since Interpol have been enjoying themselves with their own style, and in their fifth album, they are doing it again. For El pintor they have lowered the level of density in comparison to their previous album, (Interpol, Matador Records 2010) and their old fans will like it but, I also have to say, their detractors will still not like it. Paul Banks and his guys (bass player Carlos Dengler quit) have managed to reach a respectable maturity regarding the fact that, even though they will never be known as models for the XXI century, they remain standing delivering good albums, which is more than what can be said about other ensembles that started out, just like them, at the beginning of the new millennium.

Banda Interpol

The epic My desire and My blue suprime, those characteristic bursts of guitar action in All the rage back home, the monolithic rhythms in Anywhere and Ancient ways, the chorus of Everything is wrong, or those airs of The Church in Tidal Wave: good arguments to carry on with their solid career.