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Fighter Pillow

Rubén Martínez (Ainara Legardon, Maika Makovski) and Alfonso Méndez (lo:muêso), and which plays pop rock with direct influences of the best of the 90s American rock indie scene.

One of the discoveries of this 2014 inside the Barcelona music scene who have known how to distance themselves from the local dominant trends, to the antipodes of the Catalan folk or the modernism of Barcelona.

An album which contains positive songs such as Eternal Youth or energetic such as Lemonade. Songs which make you set the beat with your foot without being aware. And with an ending like Warriors the only thing we can do is hit play again.


Recommended work for all lovers of Magnapop, Lush or Throwing Muses and the nostalgic for the 90s sound. But which will also be the delight of those who are looking for energy, aggressiveness and light. Furthemore, they have an exceptional drummer, Éric Fuentes, and Edu Chirinos (Las Ruinas) as bassist, who, although not part of the current squad, have both taken part in the recording of the album.