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Cooly G’s intact magnetism


Suggestive lines of synthesizers, a whispering voice that pronounces alluring lyrics and rhythms which invite you to dance in your room. Those are the ingredients of Cooly G’s project: electro with an irresistible soul lined up with the British avant-garde.

Wait ‘Til Night is the second full-length by the British producer for the prestigious label Hyperdub, house of other projects, essential for room-dancing as well, such as Burial or Laurel Halo, for the sake of mentioning those figures which are most recognizable. After a first energetic album full of elaborate songs, this second work gets lost even deeper through paths grasping desire more strongly, achieving an obsessive atmosphere, hard to penetrate.

She does it in a much more minimalist way than in her first album, here there are fewer elements of easy hook. To consent to some of the songs’ pleas, you have to let yourself be convinced by the fair appeals they present. This entails a change, doubtlessly, but accomplishes the same purpose that the previous work.

With some undeniable treasures, Cooly G rummages in melodies above an instrumentation that leaves any possible causes behind. This works like an interpretation of obsessive love that she relates in the lyrics, which unquestionably must be accompanied by the loneliness of the one singing it. It is an album-request, in songs like Want, for example. By means of some songs with a more pop-like spirit, such as 1st Time, the album keeps a line very similar to the number one of the main albums of 2014, the debut by FKA twigs, similar as for its theme and sounds palette, although here we are in the face of a darker and more reserved album than that of the Two Weeks superstar.