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Take Pride in Your Long Odds

Everything Will Johnson and his band do is worth it, and they do a lot, as all of their followers would already know. Whether its title is the project South Sant Gabriel, Centro-Matic (same band, only in the first ones there are always collaborations) or Will himself on his own, their work always has that personal stamp of warranty of quality. In Centro-Matic the musicians from Denton (Texas) usually set aside the rested alt-country to bring in that rocker side they have within them. This last Take Pride in Your Long Odds is not such a rounded album as Candidate Waltz (2011) was, of course it is not on a level with their masterpiece Fort Recovery (2006) either, but it is still above average and contains brilliant moments.


It starts with the warm distortion, a little in the style of Wilco, in the instrumental piece Take Pride in Your Long Odds, to immediately fly off with Every Mission, where we can find Will’s characteristic voice, kind of rusted, and that guitar sound so deep that it seems to come from underground. Special mention of Salty Disciple, the great song of the album with that insistent rhythm which forces you to move and drives you towards an addictive chorus. More urgent guitar action in Cross Path and Academy of Lunkers. Calling Your Glad and Cynthia Glass possess that delicious scent of genuine independent rock of bands from the 90s such as Buffalo Tom or Superchunk.

The instants of calm we can find in Anything Torn Out and Hey There Straps do not deliver much, but neither are they out of place, and they do not modify the good general tone. Centro-Matic is sandy rock for the soul.