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Another winning bet

Sonic ingots. Energy and strength. Those are the two feelings which first hit you from the very first listennings.

The Habitación roja sound: compact, thorough and always so easy-going. In this case, it proves again all these virtues, in addition blending it with brilliant and deep layers which grant a renewed character to it, oozing positivity and good doses of build-ups.

They hit a nerve once more. After the first distillations, the impression that is left in you and which ends up penetrating you is that you are in the presence of an excellent piece, well settled and with intense feelings, this last aspect being non-negotiable in the musical territory.

The trajectory and beyond consolidated experience of the combo from Valencia are indisputable. La habitación roja are still on the road and still every kilometer suits them. After the legendary Fue eléctrico, Jorge Martí and his boys reinforce themselves again with a great, tremendous album containing an inspiring message and exquisite executions. La moneda en el aire (2014) is one of those albums which leave a mark on you, an impression, one of those that come to keep you warm and inspire you in decisive moments of your life, a piece which many people can feel identified with, and therefore, work worth an applause and a privileged place in our personal discos and irreversible melomania.

Having into account the fourth ("wait shooting stars, I have so much to wish for", grand ballad, hallmark) and the oneiric traces of the last cut ["my songs will accompany you"] (songs –especially this last one– at the level of their theme and in the stela of the best melancholy of Los secretos), the album overflows with premium pop discharges and guitar action. A full-length more than competent for a live performance [I testify, based on the three times I have seen them live, that their gigs are pure dedication and passion].

The first hat-trick (just as good literary chapters) gets us hooked on it until the end. "I still remember that look, nobody has ever looked at me like that": the first homonymous cut, at the top at all times, full of energizing instrumental optimism from its first seconds, is clear and meridian: irrefutable message of carpe diem. Quite an accurate stricker.

With De cine ("the best thing that has happened to me") [brutal video clip] its background turns it into a brilliantly sunny song with a prime chorus and tempo and an unstoppable crescendo from its intermezzo.

In Tanto por hacer ("carrying on and never giving up. It is obligatory that we see each other again") the keyboards come in with grace and go on with their legacy until the last note with a backdrop which grants it delicate textures.

The philosophical and attitudinal twining between the enormous No quiero ser como tú (“I no longer need braids") and Carlos y Esther (al mirar hacia otro lado) ("we won't have any other option than to explode") rises as the most decisive and honest track of the album. The guys from La Eliana take a risk and come out triumphant (moral superiority is guaranteed).

With respect to the first one, it surprises us with a melodic start very much like the Urquijo brothers, one of those songs that leave a trace, aphoristic, sharp, solemn; a song which woukd grate on the ears of any little hick and therefore one of my favorites, with its moral it wins me over and abducts me to a point of no return.

About the pure epic, from all quarters, of Carlos y Esther I shall remark that they kept us waiting, but once it arrived, it was invincible. As ancient Cuarteles de invierno, it flies with power and flames. Worthy of playing it chock-full of volume, amp and frenzy. Undeniable grand song, without cracks or any kind of doubt, one of the best songs of this glorious year

"With what I have left, I will do everything I can." La casa en silencio shows a playful outpouring of keyboards until its final stages which links very elegantly with the rest of structures and proposals. One more example of all the vigor of the band. Lyrics which once more hit the nail on the head. Dónde no exista el miedo ( "We will jump into the void, we will start again") detonates with another admirable swell.

"Look at them, I see them shine, they give us more and more every day." Quedas tú transmits such electricity of sensations which is more than welcome.

"It is never the same and that is the best thing about it happening to us again." The dreamy elegance of En busca del tiempo perdido continues along the same lines to start closing the complete and colorful sound circle.

"We are not burdened by the years, but by mediocrity" (Rubén Romero), of this is exactly of what the Levantines come out victorious. They are living their best moment, making it evident in each concert and with this LP. That is the attitude, which is what ultimately soaks through us and what defines us.

Translation: Irene Soto.