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Das Flüff
Anxiety Dreams

For those who haven’t heard about Das Flüff, they are an electro post-punk band, currently based...

Staring at the floor

After the name of Litorate is Joaquín León; musician, filmmaker and visual designer. In his imagination, we discover...

Possible Start Conditions

After a long wait, and almost 5 years after publishing their famous album “​ExchangeLevels” (Irregular, 2013), the...

The Foreign Resort
The American Dream
Moon Sounds Records

After a fruitful and expansive North American tour, Danish rockers The Foreign Resort will be...

A Shoreline Dream
The Silent Sunrise
Latenight Weeknight Records


Sufjan Stevens
Carrie & Lowell
Asmathic Kitty

‘Death with Dignity’ opens Sufjan Steven’s seventh album, ‘Carrie & Lowell’, released in 2015. Although the...

End Codes
Lo Recordings

Accustomed to distortion guitars or classical folk acoustic format, it is really difficult to find something truly...

Gliese & Kepler
Colors in Euphoria
Gliese & Kepler

At first glance, Colors in Euphoria takes us back to a lost era between the late 60s and mid 70s. The simulated wear...

My Cruel Goro

Descending from the eponymous album name, the boys of My...

Los Planetas
Dobles fatigas
El segell del Primavera

Art feeds the soul and these four juicy songs live up to that promise. For those of us who have been listening to...

Groove on Woods

The band from Seville Groove On Woods, is a project moving between pop-rock and folk. They could be...

Grupo de expertos solynieve
Colinas Bermejas
El segell del primavera

“Every sold record gives me enough to have a sardine skewer, that’s all for the moment. Figs, almonds, honey and...