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Litorate, Staring at the floor

After the name of Litorate is Joaquín León; musician, filmmaker and visual designer. In his imagination, we discover intricates and mysterious worlds still without transit, where paths of light and shadow make their way between labyrinths of samples and predominantly analog sounds.

‘Staring at the floor’ represents a round trip to an altered state of consciousness. An introspective journey that seeks the connection with the rest of the universe. Through layers of synthesizers, powerful reverbs, distant atmospheres and vocals repeating like a mantra, Joaquín populates the body with controversial sensations that generate an ephemeral bond with the spirit and allow to reach a happiness as intense as dark.


Through a great dream load, ‘Listen to me’ invites us to start a journey by stripping ourselves of all aesthetic preconceptions. This first track slowly submerges us in soundscapes that are increasingly loaded and detailed. With a penetrating voice on a mattress of subwoofers and arpeggios, a broken leitmotiv is formed by piano chords, sharp pauses and precious noises that remove the neurons until the last breath of the track.

The next cut, ‘Divinorum’​, induces a state of hypnosis capable of bristling the skin and triggering involuntary thoughts that dance seductively in our head. Their ancestral resonances blind us and lead us to an evocative territory, where nothing is conceived at random but the sensation of freedom proper to dreams reigns.

‘Yellow Pool’ provides the luminous awakening that clears the mind after an intense trance. Surrounding and organic textures fill with sensuality the meticulous warmth synthesizers and rhythm boxes. Its marked retro and danceable flavor unfold the inevitable mystery of not knowing what will come next.

The end of the journey concludes with ‘Sad’​, a cut that represents with acuteness the essence of restlessness and the uncertainty of insomnia, embracing those hidden fears and weaknesses in the most recondite place of our being. Impeccable closure for a brilliant job where Litorate ​emerges with a proposal as personal as promising.