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Musique Le Pop

Musique Le Pop

Chris, Betty and Jon, with backgrounds from bands such as Remington Super 60 and Safariari, release their second single.

The band’s debut single “Time Changes” was issued by Norwegian Café Superstar Recordings in collaboration with the American label Minty Fresh in 2012.

”Time Changes” received much praise, and the song was given national airplay time in England, Spain and Scandinavia.

The band came to be when Chris heard Betty singing the line ”Time Changes” over and over again when applying make-up before a party, and within the hour the two had recorded a rough draft. Chris then passed the song on to Jon, who added the final elements, and a few months later the single was out, and the band was born.

Christoffer tells of the project: “The three of us have wanted to do something together for a long time. We have been friends for years and have always contributed on each other’s projects, but we have never worked as closely as we do now. Furthermore, in what has turned into our main project. Betty and myself come from the twee pop scene, with both our feet planted in 60’s pop and easy listening, while Jon has more of a background from dance music and indie. It has not been a deliberate choice, but a combination of the above is more or less where we have ended up sound wise as well.”

The follow-up single, which presents another side of the band, will be released March 22nd on Café Superstar Recordings. The band is also working on an EP due for release this summer.