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Bagatelle / / féminin

Usually defined by a trifle "thing frivolous and unimportant as a love affair ...

This definition is well aligned with the idea with which this trio from western Paris (France) composes intimate pop melodies during a picnic or while singing the points of a badminton game. With the starting point of this first opus, the birth of "Rose Mériaux" , the bagatelle is an offshoot of a life, the guiding principle of the songs on this EP.

Without seeing, with only stereo-tortoise-lab connections underwater and fiber-optics, six hymns to love were

hatched, six intimate and delicate perfumes, six ways to say I LOVE YOU : to their loves, to their friends, with


Bagatelle play reverberated guitar, graft on cheap synthesizers on a beach and aerial bossa choruses, in full sun exposure between Brazil and Brooklyn where drums battle on a beach near Austerlitz.

Nostalgic, light, the music of Bagatelle is composed with and through images from the sky, those that are formed during our early emotions, the memories that are still vivid: This is a transatlantic dreamy pop rendezvous !

Rendez-vous Transatlantique entre Paris et Brooklyn

After an album with the band ‘Sona’, Jérôme MERIAUX starts in 2010 a new project called ‘Rendez-vous Transatlantique’, dedicated to his daughter’s birth, Rose, with his friend Olivier BLOT (Gypsophile, Ray Star Kelly band member).

Without singer, despite some advanced demos, he thought immediately to Andrea VAUGHN; singer of the band "My Favorite", who is a fan of since the begining. He contacted her through her agent (Double agents records). This one gives him Andrea’s contact by wishing him "Good luck !" Because,‘My Favorite’ stopped to reform ‘The Secret History’ (with a new singer).

After one-month wait, with the feeling that this invitation was vain, Andrea finally replies. She is affected by thisapproach and decides to prick up her ears to the songs.

The first instrumental demos, send during summer 2010 are gonna seduce Andrea who will accept to take part of the project.

Thus, 8 months are gonna be dedicated to write the tunes, lyrics in French then translated and adapted in English.

Witnesses voice are recorded with a pitch of each track in order to guide Andrea who will record all the voices of the EP in Brooklyn, NYC : 3 voice pick-up in sound on each track will be enough.

Soundtracks will go back to France, track by track, in order to mix and arrange them at the Mélodium studio with Nicolas Dufournet (ex. oui-oui band member with Michel Gondry). Design will be made by la nageuse graphic studio with Atsuko Ishii’s illustration work (Artsfactory / La Superette).

Ep will be released on digital next April 04th 2013, then in a limited serie vinyl edition with a special silkscreen signed.