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Interview with Dulce Pájara de Juventud

Dulce Pájara de Juventud's debut in 2012 was surprising thanks to songs with a pop soul between psychedelia and brief hits like Feel. Two years later they have published an EP with three songs which reorganizes the style of the band, focused on darkest and more forceful sounds. The ensemble is about to release their second album after a change in the rhythmic section of the band. Triumph will come out on December 2nd from the hands of Bcore. They answered our questions before going in again to record their new album.

This year you have presented Faithful Songs. How was the process of coming to this EP?

It has been a complicated year, since a lot has happened. When you present your first work, you discover this world from scratch, experimenting a thousand new things. The live shows, the kinds of audiences, going on tour, the new perspective when it comes to writing or even your own relationship with music. Doubtless, this interval between our debut and this EP has given us maturity in many aspects.

You have undergone changes in your ensemble, How has it affected the sound of the band?

Changes are always delicate, since when you are already used to working with someone in a certain way, adjusting to other musician involves an effort. Anyways, with Victor García it's been very easy. he is a great drummer and he has a lot of experience, which has made the transition quite easier. The is no question, Xavi was a very important part of Dulce Pájara de Juventud, he gave a lot of energy to the songs. This EP was recorded with him and you can feel the 90s vibe it has.

It has been more than two years since your debut. What do you think now about that work?

Phew... We find it hard to relate to that sound now. As I have said before, many changes can fit in two years.

In Faithful Songs you sound much more rock and darker. Have you left your pop and more luminous side behind?

Not at all, personally, I think it is quite a balanced EP. This last work has remains from our more pop debut. What is true is that we are on our way to something darker and that is reflected in the fact that Evelyn Fuckmachine and Benjamin were written while we were presenting our first work. However, Faithful Songs is the last song we did with Xavi, that is, something much closer and which reveals slightly the sort of sound we are harvesting.

Your first album alternated very different styles, but at the same time it sounded very compact. The same thing can be said about Faithful Song, is it your intention not to confine yourselves to one genre only?

Absolutely. Those are not things we consider. When you create something it is whatever comes out, you don't look for it. By chance, for us it sounds like this.

The freedom of The Flaming Lips, as far as sounds and textures are concerned, could be seen in your debut. Whilst your EP is closer to Pixies, for instance. Who are your influences?

We listen to quite a lot of music. We are so very lucky as to have the ability to absorb to the maximum a thousand and one resources from everything we like. Naming four or five bands would be too absurd.

How do you face the live show?

When you have already played many gigs you do it without so many doubts or fears. Clearly, having more experience in this and having traveled several kilometers has made us mature a lot. Experience is one grade, and that we notice in the fact that we go up onstage being calmer. That makes you get up there to play being more enthusiastic and having a clearer mind. Now we are a lot more thorough with sound. We even bet on changing the structure of sons so that we can play more when we perform live. We cared about other nonsense before.

Are you working on a second full length?

We are. The last two weeks of July we have been isolated in the country house/studio Cal Pau recording what will be our second LP. It has been a brutal experience to be able to have Victor García at the controls as a producer and drummer at the same time. Besides, being able to record with no need to hurry, one day at a time and without running has made everything less stressful and has made us really feel we have immersed ourselves in this. That is one of the grudges we held regarding the first EP and also Faithful Songs.

What is it about Richard Brooks' movie that made you take its name?

I think one of the most hateful things about being in a band is the moment when you have to choose a name, but Ricard was always a big fan of classic films and suggested it. We loved it because it generates a lot of comment. Besides, nowadays, people our age, who has not ever felt identified with that eternal youth Paul Newman gave off playing Chance Wayne.

Translation: Irene Soto.