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A breath of fresh air for alternative music

Rock and experimental post-punk have been united since 2016, thanks to the formation of the band called Fütumche. The group, based in Coventry and London, explores sounds, rhythms and melodies from other eras to create new sounds. The clan was formed by Steve Clarke – vocals and lead guitar – Jaz Rai – vocals and bass – and rhythms and beats from Brandon Garrigan on drums.

Despite its recent creation, the band has managed to open a gap in the English market and gain attention in the genre of alternative music. The group combines an eclectic range of influences in an original sound that changes shape and tells dark stories. An aggressive, sinister and surreal nature has made them popular with audiences. Some of their influences, among many others, are Radiohead, Thee Oh Sees, Nick Cave &The Bad Seeds and Future of The Left.

The songs are very fluid and changeable. Moreover, they have a captivating rhythm and discover a more interesting direction that leads to new, even more striking, creations. One of the main characteristics of the band is the ability to transmit ideas through their songs. They use strong and powerful messages, in which they advocate world peace and natural rights.

Their first EP, released in 2016 and titled Fütumche! is composed of four songs that have been written entirely by all members of the band. In just two months, they recorded, mixed and mastered all the elements of the record. A year later, they dared to release their second EP, in which they include two singles from their debut album that would be released the following year. These singles are Gazing and Misery, giving the EP its title: Gazing Into Misery. In addition to those two singles, the record includes another four exclusive songs.

To The Withered Deity – their much awaited debut album – was released in June 2018 and is composed of 12 songs which, like the band’s previous releases, were written by the band themselves. The end result is a very smart post-punk experimentation, with touches of anger and darkness. The strength of their songs and the lyrics are what have made many think that the group has created its own genre