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Deer, Mexicans prophesying in Hong Kong

Deer consists of two members who are native of the city of Mexico: Adriana Martínez and Miguel Bastida. Both received their education at the Escuela Nacional de Música de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in the fields of Ethnomusicology and Composition respectively. Apart from having a classical training, they have both made incursions into the performance of folk Mexican music and into the composition of alternative music, as well as into the areas of photography, performing arts and research.

Currently, Deer are the only Mexican alternative band in the Hong Kong underground music scene. They mix the beats of trip hop, sound atmospheres from European alternative pop, rhythms from Latin America and a lyrical nostalgia which complies with Mexican and Latin American poetry.

Their style evokes the influence of artists like James Blake, Juana Molina, Eric Satie and Grizzly Bear. However, such glimmers do not eclipse the originality of both musicians, who manage to transport you with their music to contrasting states of mind, making of every show an experience of sonic ups and downs.

Due to cultural differences and to the crushing influence of commercial pop of coming from Japan and Korea in the Cantonese region, Deer have become closer to the audience in a more personal way. Shows at outdoor events, festivals and diverse important forums in  Hong Kong are the key to creating a niche of followers.

Translation: Irene Soto.